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Longevity Awards

  • Longevity Awards (called Performance Awards in the PEF Contract), are lump sum payments paid in April of each year.

  • Longevity Awards are payable to employees who as of  March 31 of each year have 5 or 10 full years at a base salary equal to or greater than the Job Rate for their Salary Grade provided their most recent performance evaluation was Satisfactory.  NOTE: Management's Failure to complete a timely evaluation CANNOT be used to withhold payment of a longevity award if the employee has the required years of service.

  • The Amount of the Longevity Award is pro-rated for employees working Part-Time; Employees participating in the Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule Program (VRWS) receive the full award. 

  • Employees on Paid Leave of Absence, Workers' Compensation Leave or Military Leave as of March 31 are eligible for payment.

  • A Leave of Absence without Pay during the time you are at Job Rate may delay eligibility for Longevity Awards.

  • If there is no successor agreement in place when the current contract expires, those who received the longevity award in 2011 and otherwise remain eligible, will receive payment in April 2012.  

  • Longevity Awards are lump-sum payments and are paid in a separate check.  They are not eligible for Direct Deposit.

  • Longevity Awards are reported as compensable income for retirement, however, only three (3) years worth of Longevity Awards can be included in the calculation of Final Average Salary.

  • Portability: While Longevity Awards are not technically considered part of base salary, when an employee is promoted, any longevity award received in the preceding 12 months is added to base before applying the percentage increase.  (When promoted, the employee receives the higher of the promotion salary or the hiring rate of the new position). 

    • Following promotion, the employee can again become eligible for longevity awards once they have 5 or 10 years at the Job Rate of their new salary grade.





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